The Secrets of Vesuvius

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Kim Hicks narrates another Roman mystery painted and garnished with the strong words of Caroline Lawrence. Flavia got her team of friends including Jonathan, Nubia, and Lupus in The Thieves of Ostia. Together the four solved the case of the missing dogs and robberies successfully. The second part portrays the group of friends in a mood for some fun because of which they set sail to Pompeii. Flavia’s uncle lives in Pompeii so the plan is simple i.e reach the destination and then stay at the uncle’s house for a day or two.

Living in the refreshing air will end the exhausting feeling in the team after which they will start digging for the treasure they are looking for. The treasure hunt is the next big mission of Flavia and her friends but it soon meets a big tragedy. They were hoping for a smooth sail in the sea as there were no clouds or storms on their way.

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Mount Vesuvius was never in their minds because the volcanic mountain has not erupted for decades. Reaching closer to the mount revealed the fact that the mountain was ready to emit smoke and lava in a large quantity. When the eruption started Flavia and her friends stopped thinking about the treasure and their destination i.e Pompeii. They just started acting in haste to protect their skin from the deadly flames of the volcano.

It was more of a nightmare which has awoken for the little kids. The Pirates of Pompeii after this book will tell about the arrival of Flavia’s ship to Pompeii. By the title, one can easily guess that the landing in Pompeii will also be full of tragedies. Member Benefit

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