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The Shining By Stephen King

The Shining is one of the third among the first three horror novel written by Stephen King followed by the novel Doctor’s Sleep. This Novel was published in 1977 and was followed by the baseline story in the feature film made in the year 1980. The film was named the same and given the visual life to the story that was plotted in the novel so beautifully that no one could resist to read it.

This audiobook covers the original story written by Stephen King narrated in the voice of Campbell Scott and encompasses the characters named Jack Torrance, his son Danny Torrance and his wife Wendy. The story is influenced by the Stephen King’s real-life events as he visited a hotel during the time when he was recovering from alcoholism.

Jack is also stated as a person recovering from alcoholism when he visited the hotel where he and his family stay as the caretaker. The Shining is actually the Psychic power of his 5-year-old boy that lets him see the unseen past of the hotel and the creatures over there.

There in the Overlook as Jack continues to fight against alcohol, he starts to overdrink and that makes him feel an urge to kill his family including Danny and his wife Wendy. But then the situation turns around and Danny makes use of his shining powers.

The whole story keeps the attention of the reader so involved that one never believe as if he or she is not inside the story, actually. The horror keeps on building in the haunted hotel and you can never imagine the horrible imagery ever in your life until you listen to this story narrated beautifully and in a lively way and it is promised to give the effect just like given in the other Novel by Stephen King  Carrie.


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    1. once again, thank you Stephen King. If it wasn’t for you (SK), I would of never read a complete novel. I love the way (SK) describes people , scenes, thoughts, scenarios.. It what brings the book to life and makes me part of it Feeling pleasure or pain being rushed or dully waiting for the next thing to happen,i feel like the world i enter in these stories is a real world i traveled to, entered and now i am a part of that world.

      amazing thanks


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