The Stillwater Girls

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Wren and Sage have been kept in an isolated house by their mother but they are not angry on the thing. They have the company of their mother and little sister Evie which was ample for them. Also their mother had always provided them with everything that they would need to survive. Life was going on quite nicely although there was that creeping loneliness all the time but it was not that hard.

On one occasion, the little sister fell seriously ill, the mother left Wren and Sage in the house and left with the little one to get some sort of medical help. The two sisters waited for their mother for a very long time but she never returned. The supplies which the mother left for them started ending and the two sisters think that they have to look for their mother and sister. A strange man also came to their house in search of their mother and he asked Wren and Sage to come with him if they wanted to survive.

Instead of going with the stranger, the two sisters ran from their house in search of their mother. When they came out of the forest, they realized that there were many secrets that were hidden from them previously. Danger was lurking in the outside world for both of them and there is a chance that they would never find their mother after all. Narrated by Lauren Ezzo and Melissa Moran, it is a novel which will thrill your mind and soul.

Minka Kent has a lot of stock for the fans in the shape of When I Was You and The Memory Watcher. After finishing this novel the listener will be targeting these other two novels. Love, hate and suspense take us to the thrilling conclusion of this novel awesomely.

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