The Stone of Farewell

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As expected in the first part of the series, a civil war has finally started among the people of the land. Osten Ard had no king in The Dragonbone Chair, thus the seat of the king was left vacant for the competitors. More and more volunteers to the throne have risen to get control over the throne and its powers. Among those competitors, Tad Williams describes the two kings i.e Storm King and King Elias in more detail. As the two fight for the crown, it is the public that gets crushed on the battlefield.

There also happens to be a group of rebels who wants to end this madness once and for all. Stopping the powerful kings is not easy for the rebel group because they lack power and number. But there is hope in the form of a legend which is associated with three swords i.e Memory, Sorrow, and Thorn. These three swords can bring peace to the land and can help the rebels to stop the madness which the two kings have started. Storm King has one of these three swords and he seems to be more powerful than others.

Prince Josua is in the dungeons now because of which Simon is feeling awful. Simon can change the course of the battle if he becomes successful in delivering the second sword to Josua. To Green Angel Tower: Siege will come with more heroic work of the rebels. The three swords are yet to leash their true powers upon the land and one can only hope that these words get in the hands of Simon. If the swords get into the hands of the enemies all at the same time no one would be able to save the rest.

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    The Dragonbone Chair

    To Green Angel Tower: Siege


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