The Sunrise Lands

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This is another fantasy/fiction action-packed book from Dies and fire trilogy. It follows the plot of The Protector’s War as the survivors of civilization destruction try to build a peaceful home for themselves.

M. Stirling follows the usual tradition of excellent plot build-up and good character representation. This is no different from the previous book of the trilogy. It is neither prognostication nor history. The despicable characters are despised while the likable ones are very likable. And the narration of this book helps the audience easily follow the story to the latter.

The main issue about the book may be the fact that there is no clear or steady timeline between events in the book. There is no steady flow of events, and some may be confused when or how the events will unfold. This may not go well with some audience, but those who love high suspense will love how the story unfolds.

After the turmoil that happened several decades ago that rendered technology useless, Western Oregon is gradually seeing some levels of peace. However, it seems they have to face a different threat that is gradually rising at Wyoming.

A prophet is going about telling his followers to destroy the remaining technological gadgets leftover after the aftermath of the electronic breakdown. They are going about destroying all the ruminants and challenging anyone who still uses them. While this uproar is still going on, heir of the mystic juniper has a mission to find out what actually caused the destruction of the earth’s civilization. He needs to find out what causes the mayhem.

Rudi Mackenzie needs to journey far away if he intends to fulfill in his mission. But as enemies are clustering around, they are increasingly getting convinced there are also enemies within.

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