The Tears of the Sun

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S.M. Stirling moves toward the future generation in this eighth part of his epic series “novels of the change”. The narrator is the same which is another good thing when you start listening to the tale as Todd McLaren has done a fabulous job in the previous parts as well. This time too the narration has no weakness at all. This time the human race has become a victim of its own scientific and technological progress that has engulfed the whole race without leaving a trace as what has happened.

Not even a clue is there and the children that have survived the havoc can only collect what piece of technology is left after that disaster, so that they can start their life all over again and can also get a competitive advantage over their enemies if a war starts which is expected sooner or later as the resources too are going low and in order to survive one must get the desired out of the hands of the enemy.

The good thing about the series and other stories of the writer is that the element of mystery is always there that not only stops us from getting bored but also makes us active to go through the pages a bit quickly to unveil that secret that is buried.

We can see the same situation in The High King of Montival and Dies the Fire. Here in this chapter as well there is a tale about a hostile continent that perhaps possesses the answers related to the fate of the previous generation of humans and the technology that has apparently disappeared from the face of the earth.

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    The High King of Montival

    Lord of Mountains


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