The Vital Abyss

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James S. A. Corey continues to mesmerize his audience with his vast imagination as a skillful contemporary science fiction author. His unique selling point is his characterization and producing immensely mind blowing situations with his characters all in a fictional setting. This specific novel, The Vital Abyss, is a short novel, which is chapter 2.5 of The Expanse novel series. Jefferson Mays is exceptional once again with his powerful voice, which gels up well with the characters he plays in this chapter and also what he has done in the couple of prequels to this chapter.

This short novel tells a story of a lives of a group of prisoners, who are in captivity on permanent basis, somewhere in the expanse of the vast space. The one and only company they have for all the time is only of each other and also to some extent of the Belters, who use to guard them.

The only stories they were familiarized with are the crimes and the victories, which eventually got them where they are today. They could only see a future of a completely empty life and in that huge room.

The Expanse novel series from James S. A. Corey is phenomenal from all aspects and the author deserves all the appreciation. The series went on to become a famous television series as well, which speak volumes about its quality and how well it was received by audience and critics.

This also means that you should explore more from the author and especially the different chapters of the Expanse series. A couple of highly recommended novels from the subject series are Caliban’s War and Abaddon’s Gate. If you are a true contemporary science fiction lover then you would definitely look to go through The Expanse series from chapter to chapter.







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