HALO: Silentium


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Greg Bear paints the last days of the empire that despite of having all the technological skills is going down. Foreign enemy has come down on them with full power and there is no escape for them in this situation. Parasite that has landed as the doom for the entire civilization has established relations with many of the Forerunners thus the empire is collapsing from the inside at the same time. It was the Precursors who provided all the technological support to the Forerunners and the humans in the start of civilization.

Most of the people think that perhaps the Flood also got its power from the same source. Also there is a chance that it was created especially to bring doom for both races at a particular stage. A couple consisting of a husband and wife think that they have come to the core of the issue.

Ur-Didact and Librarian have found the relation of the Flood with Precursors and they can provide a solution as well if they remain successful in dealing with their personal issues first.

HALO: Silentium

Euan Morton narrates both of the characters and manages well throughout with their different natures. Husband and wife are put in a must win situation same as the situations that all of us observed in HALO: Cryptum and HALO: Primordium. The history linked to the whole situation goes millions of years back and links are tough to find because they are buried in different time zones. Time is running out and if the two don’t act in time the future of the whole galaxy would surely become grim for the rest of eternity.


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HALO: Primordium

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