Tom Clancy: Power and Empire

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First there were changes and adjustments in the narrator’s section and now the authors vary for the third time. Marc Cameron builds up the eighteenth part of the thriller for the first time but there is clear evidence that the man has been keeping an eye on the series for quite a while. If the book is selected without paying any attention to the name of the author no one can tell the difference between the ever hits Tom Clancy Commander-in-Chief , Tom Clancy True Faith and Allegiance and this one.

Pattern, characters, scenes and even the enemies and threats are the same sort. The author has not tried to put anything new in the first one that he writes, and the originality is thus preserved in the book. Attacks on the oil resources and the gas stations all around the world started in the previous part and now an increase is seen. Chinese government has made its intentions quite clear all around the globe and there is an unrest seen in the agents all around the world.

There is a far bigger plan for which anyone of the super powers was ever ready for.  An American spy ship also goes into the enemy’s hands and there is trouble everywhere unless the team at the Campus finds something precious for the nation.

It is a piece of Information that can uncover the enemy’s plan forever and set the US in triumph for many years to come. A quick pace narration by Scott Brick really binds the audience to their seat because they now that something big is coming sooner than they expected.

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