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Nicole Conway is a prolific writer with quite a several successful novels in her short and sweet career so far. She is popular for her science fiction fantasy stories written for a younger audience including teens and children. A few of her most memorable books are Vicious Vows and the Harbinger. The Traitor is a book based on the animals and nature genre and it is part 3 of the well-received Dragonrider Chronicles by the audience.

Jesse Einstein continues to be the narrator in this 3rd consecutive installment of the series. This was an expected and wise decision as the performer did quite well and the audience thoroughly enjoyed every bit of it in the audio version.

No level of training could have prepared Jaevid for the very front lines of the war. He is now facing the real essence in the form of horrors of battle along with Luntharda impending on the horizon as well. Jaevid has just started to ask everything that he has thought about his heritage. The only thing that allowed him to get going is his oath which was for the protection of his dragonrider fellows. But, instantly, he steps from the protection of the saddle of the dragons into the depths of the wild homeland of his mother. It was the mighty kingdom of the gray elves. Jaevid had a great challenge ahead of him and things were getting tough for him from here.

Traitor novel did quite well for the audience and the credit goes to the magnificent writing of Nicole Conway. The narrator, Jesse Einstein also performed quite well and right as per the expectations of the audience.

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