Trophy Hunt


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Trophy Hunt is a crime fiction book. It is the fourth installment in Joe Pickett novel series. The author of this book s C. J. Box. If you have developed an interest in the author then you must check out his Free Fire novel as well. Moreover, Shadows Reel novel is another top-ranked book by the author which you must add to your reading list for a great fun time.

The audio narration of Trophy Hunt novel is done by David Chandler. He is a talented performer and you will have a great time listening to this engaging novel.

Joe Pickett was fly-fishing on an idyllic summer day in Wyoming. He was along with his two daughters when he stumbled upon the body of a moose. Whoever attacked that animal was just so ruthless. Half of the face of that animal was sliced away and the skin was peeled right off the flesh. Joe was shocked and completely shaken by that sight. He started to investigate that isolated incident.

Trophy Hunt

A few days later Joe realized that there was something a lot more horrifying than what he could have ever imagined. The local authorities of the town were extremely quick in calling those attacks the work of a bear. But, Joe knew that it was something else. He could see those very clean cuts on the cattle and the moose found dead. Those cuts were made through jagged teeth. So those killings of the animals point out to some practice before a human or humans are killed?

Trophy Hunt is superbly narrated and extremely well written. This will make you a long-term fan of Joe Pickett’s novel series.



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