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This is an apocalypse novel written to explore the meaning of life, existence, and morality. It does not only have an entertainment value but some moral values as well. The Wanderers considers love, global warming, racism, AI, life, and death.

The author wrote this book in a clear and concise manner that carries everyone along. The pace for this book may not be as fast as Aftermath: Star Wars or Empire’s End: Aftermath from the same author. But when it comes to high suspense and action, the book carries it all.

Apart from the wonderful work of the author, the book is also great to listen to. The narrator made sure every character I well captured with the right diction and emotion.  If you love to be engrossed into a story, you will love every bit of this book.

A strange epidemic struck the American community which causes them to sleepwalk into an unknown destination. They seem determined to reach their goal, but the problem is they don’t have a conscious clue where they are headed.

Shana wakes up one faithful morning to find out her sister is sleepwalking into a destination known only to her. She soon discovers there are many other sleepwalkers moving in the same direction, which puts the society into chaos and disarray.

Where did this epidemic come from and how can the people go back to their normal life? The ultraviolet militia that threatens the coexistence of humanity needs to be addressed as quickly as possible. Otherwise, humanity will be lost to this strange type of epidemic. This theme of this book is a slight deviation of the usual theme we know Chuck Wendig for. But the plot and character development of the book is great. Even the narration by Dominic Hoffman is in order. Anyone who loves reading novels that rises slowly to high climax will love how this book develops.

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