Wind River Reservation (Books 1-15)

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A murder mystery again with particular year’s description catches our interest as we assume that the hunt is for real because our characters that are solving the case of a series of murders are moving in a particular pattern in the series and every step there is always a feeling that Father John O’ Malley and Arapaho lawyer Vicky Holden are moving closer to the murderer but whenever they think that they are almost there to catch him he slips from the scene.

They deal with dead bodies and frozen ones as well to hunt for clues. Our heroes even go to nuclear waste plants for the link behind the series of murders. The murders become mysteries when there is the issue of missing ledgers as well. They move more close to the suspect as the story reaches the Wind River reservation where they meet a lot of people and still hunt for the murderer who still was slaughtering the people of his choice and most of them are a woman.

The last book of the series ended in a huge way with a promise that there could be one more part of our favorite series. Father John and Vicky come to a disastrous conclusion in the end that the murderer is near to them on the reservation and they are the next on the hit list and still they haven’t seen him and know nothing about him except that he has murdered thirty people and escaped successfully.

There are three narrators of the story Stephanie Brush, Andrea Bates, Henry Strozier which was needed as there is a lot of characters talking at the same time in the story one narrator cannot cope with this situation. Cat in the Stacks ~ Books 1-9 – Miranda James  and Captain Lacey ~ Books 1-11 – Ashley Gardner, Jennifer Ashley are also interesting stories to listen to and enjoy in free time.







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