15th Affair

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Never ending mission continue as the series comes to the scene with its fifteenth part and is still found in the high gear and no signs of retirement from Lindsay. The ideal life of Lindsay with a loving husband and a beautiful daughter faced a great threat in 12th of Never but she successfully saved her job and family.

Though she possesses the never ending zeal and enthusiasm but the responsibilities of her home and job are really showing on her now as she moves to the next case. There are more than one murders once again we have seen such a case in The 9th Judgment but the venue was not the same. This time however all the murders take place in Four Seasons Hotel and on the same night which definitely hint that all the people were interconnected in one way or the other.

The first dead body to be found was the man who was staying in the hotel with a false identity, the other two were living next to him with latest equipment used for spying and the last one was a maid whose body was found in a cupboard. Another thing is also clear that killer was also staying in the hotel or perhaps he is still there.

Though there are no evidence left on the spot but the true identity of the first man can still reveal many things. James Patterson has introduced tricky incidents in the novel to make it more interesting the clues too are misleading this time. The narration is in a low pitch by January LaVoy and it disturbs the impact of the story in the beginning but just a little.







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