61 Hours

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Another master thriller is at your doorstep when you have Lee Child’s next adventure of Jack Reacher’s series at your hand. This one really makes you go wild when you come to know that Jack has only sixty-one minutes to solve the case and thus he is not left with not a minute to spare or waste for his own personal life. There are no relaxing scenes in the novel and the whole action starts right from the word go and we don’t feel relaxed until the final disposition of the whole problem.

Thus it’s a ticking bomb that is in our hand when we start listening to it in the voice of Dick Hill who has surely given energy to the whole drama with superb narrating skill. Jack decided to move on and tried to continue his journey after the bus crash near Bolton when he meets a woman who stands for justice against forces that are too tough for her to counter all alone.

The bravery and courage in a female character is perhaps the first thing that makes Jack stop and help her for a while but when he comes to know that an assassin is on her, an assassin who never misses his target Jack is compelled by an inner thought to help her so that she can make out alive from all the mess that she has created for herself.

The action is the same as we have observed in the books like Tripwire, Past Tense, this time however the writer has created more suspense which makes this story better than the rest of Lee’s work. There is a nice change in the feelings of the characters and the sixty-one hour time span creates a sense of hurry not in the characters alone but in the mind of the reader or listener as well.


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