A Bond Undone

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Jin Yong’s warrior tale in this novel is translated by Gigi Chang, no change in narration and Daniel York Loh still rules supreme in that department. Guo Jing’s complete introduction was given in A Hero Born but that detail was only about his apparent personality and character. We were never given any details about his past and family.

The boy even knows nothing at all about whom he really is and who his father was. Now after a lot of search and research he finally knows who is father was and how he died but that leaves him between two women whom he didn’t like.

The women are not his sweethearts but he cannot get rid of them at all, the boy fails to decide that whether he should follow his heart or tries to remain loyal to the duty that has been assigned to him. Lotus takes him on a tour during which he learns different things related to martial arts, the one thing his enemy is quite skilled in and he even comes to the text Nine Yin Manual.

The past is coming back to him slowly but then there are several enemies that emerge on the scene too like the widow of an evil man whom he killed years ago. He realizes that the life of a prince is not that easy how he supposed it would be.

But no matter what happens it is time to avenge the parents he lost at an early age and also to get back the throne that is rightfully his. The time has come to face everything that he ran away from as a child.

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