A Good Marriage Audiobook

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A Good Marriage

Stephen King creativity and effortless storytelling are truly evident in this crime masterpiece. The characters in this story are so strong that for a second or two, you just become completely a part of the story. Everything happens for a reason is a myth which Stephen King busted badly in this book by telling how something could happen just for no reason and could lead to some serious consequences as well.

The story talks about one fine just like another’s day evening when everything which the woman in the story believed for so long was negated and things that were taken for granted for so long, all of a sudden turned upside down. The couple was married for 20 long years and everything was going perfectly fine in their marriage. Just on that evening, when the husband was out on a business trip, the wife jumped into the garage to find some batteries. It was there where she found a box and discovered a lot of surprising revelations about her husband. Things discovered there were very horrifying and this discovery leads to the end of a very successful marriage.

The voice of Jessica Hecht created magic with her masterful narration. The narration for the character of the wife was the soul of the whole story and that was done brilliantly by the narrator. Some other books from the author with the same sort of attention-grabbing are the like of The Shining, Carrie and The Stand where all the books are distinct with a very refreshing flavor.


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