A Man Called Ove

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A Man Called Love is a highly engaging novel. It is a humor fiction and that will be your best source of enjoyment with some excellent humor to go with. It is excellently written by Fredrik Backman. The narration of this novel is given by J. K. Simmons, which is a definite plus point of this novel/ audio book. 

The story of this novel is related to Ove, who is a curmudgeon. He is a kind of a person who directly points at all those people, who he dislikes as if they are some thieves caught right outside the window of his bedroom. He is known for his highly strict routines, staunch principles and a short fuse as well. People also sometimes used to call him a bitter neighbor from hell. But, the reason behind him being called bitter is just because he does not used to walk around anywhere with any smile on his face and that too all the time, almost.

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However, beyond this cranky exterior of the person is a very sad story actually. So, when on fine morning of November, a young couple with two young daughters moved into the next door house and flatten accidently in mailbox of Ove, it is something that leads to a heartwarming and comical tale and unexpected friendship. This is all that will bring about a change in a cranky old person and an association of local residents to their foundations. It is an emotional and a humorous story at the same time.

Fredrik Backman is good with his fictional writing. A couple of novels recommended from the Fredrik’s archives are My Grandmother Asked Me to Tell You She’s Sorry and Britt-Marie Was Here.

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