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Expanse Unbound, Book 6

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Felix, now known as Autarch, has conquered the Foglands and established his Stronghold – the Territory of Nagast. As he secures his new base, managing defenses and directing his followers to explore, a sense of triumph fills the air. At last, fortune seems to favor him.

But sleep brings troubling visions – dreams of scorched deserts far across the Continent, where flames dance and sands swirl with the undead. Crimson armor and golden blades march relentlessly beneath wind-swept skies. And amidst it all, a figure battles desperately for survival, their need and fear palpable even from afar.

With a jolt, Felix recognizes the face. Another Unbound, fighting for their life.

Urgency grips him as the dreams persist, an unshakable sense that he must act. This distant ally needs his aid, and the call cannot be ignored. Yet his new responsibilities tether him to Nagast – to abandon them now could undo all he has fought to build.

Torn between duty and loyalty, Felix must choose his path. Will he prioritize the safety of his fledgling Territory, or risk it all to heed the desperate plea of a fellow Unbound? The weight of leadership bears down as he faces a decision that could reshape the very course of his journey.

In the shadows of his Stronghold, Felix prepares to navigate uncharted waters. For he knows that this choice will not only determine the fate of an ally, but perhaps the future of Nagast itself. The mantle of Autarch has never felt heavier upon his shoulders.


Fury Unbound, Book 4

The Frozen River


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