A Storm of Swords

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A Storm of Swords – Book 3 of A Song of Ice and Fire Tokybook

A Storm of Swords is a fantasy fiction novel. It is a classic novel b George R.R. Martin who is a renowned American novelist and short story writer. The subject title is the third installment in the epic A Song of Ice and Fire novel series by GRRM. You can find a great collection of novels in his literary archives where one of his finest titles is A Game of Thrones. Another novel by the author that promises to entertain listeners a lot is A Feast for Crows.

The narration of A Storm of Swords audio novel is done by Roy Dotrice. He did a better job as compared to his performance in the last novel of the series, but it was still not perfect. You will appreciate the performer for the emotion he added to his voice and performed it with great flair.

All of the Seven Kingdoms were bifurcated by blood feuds and revolt. Winter was fast approaching there just like some angry beast. Next to the Northern borders, the wildings left their villages and gathered in the wasteland of the Frostfangs of the ice and stone. The renegade Brother Mace Rayder from there would lead them well ahead towards the Wall in the South.

The Night’s Watch men were all set for the approaching cold and then walking the corpses which were roving with them. But the wildings horde this time was found to be 20,000 strong. They were the savage, hungry people steeped in the world of dark magic. They all were determined to invade the Kingdom where Robb Start was having the newly-forged crown.

A Storm of Swords is arguably the best title in the series so far. So much is going on in the story here with some nail-biting events. It will evoke a good range of emotions in the listeners while you will witness the characters growing and start changing, as the story progresses.

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