A Tan and Sandy Silence

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A Tan and Sandy Silence is the 13th installment in the Travis McGee saga. It is a book based on a highly suspenseful crime mystery thriller. This is exactly what its author John D. MacDonald is known for. He has proved his literary skills in plenty of other books where Nightmare in Pink and The Deep Blue Good-By are among his best. Robert Petkoff is the narrator of this chapter. He impressed one and all with his emphatic voice quality while playing all the characters brilliantly.

The character of Travis McGee is an exceptionally handsome and an ingenious invention of John D. MacDonald. He was born in the imagination of the author in the year 1964 and that relationship carried on for many years to come. The author drifted in the world over his 52 feet houseboat, the Busted Flush that is powered through diesel. He has used that houseboat as a base of operations in many of his adventures. In this chapter, the private eye outfoxes an unhinged murderer just as he searches for his missing partner on some remote island in Caribbean. It was there where he also tangled with a baby faced businessman giving a taste for murder.

The pulp novels coming out of the pen of John D. MacDonald are an ideal beach read and A Tan and Sandy Silence novel is no different. He is able to produce some excellent ne-liners that becomes the highlight of his novels and audience couldn’t resist but t appreciate him for all his skills. Everything is portrayed through the powerful character of Travis McGee who is an ordinary man with a troubled past and several other faults.

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