A World Without Princes

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The School for Good and Evil, Book 2

A world without Princes is a sequel in the series written by the writer Soman Chainani. This is actually the book two in the series featuring the main stars Sophie and Agatha who are in the school of good and evil and are figuring out their surroundings and everything that they ever wanted to learn about.

In this book, the write has connected the events from the ones in the Book 1 The School for Good and Evil and the story continues to develop as the characters find out more about the powers and the evil forces acting on them.

In this novel Sophie and Agatha will be experiencing the everafter time that should be happy and last forever. But things may get mixed up with the fairy tale desires.

Now Agatha may have missed that she could have chosen a different every after, she now is at the verge of going back to the school of good and evil which has now been changed and is not the same they both left earlier.

Now they can see the both parts of the school are no longer the opposites and are not the enemies they knew before and have formed new connections and bonds between witches and princesses.But they smell something fishy because unlike the apparently happy bonding and new family that has risen up, there is something wrong going on on the inside of this world which will give rise to another enemy.

Now that Agatha and Sophie know what is happening in their they try to restore the previous harmony but the unexpected happenings and threat will block their way to success.This is truly a fairy tale sequel and no one could ever resist and this will be explored by the readers and will urge them to read to next books including A Crystal of Time and The Quests for Glory.

Mostly the events and characters are interconnected and every time you read one book from the novel series you will be surprised by the new fantasies and events which fairy tale lovers and fantasy readers will be enjoying all the time while listening to the books in this series.




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