The Quests for Glory

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The School for Good and Evil, Book 4

In this book 4 of the series the school of good and evil, Soman Chainani has given a perfect fantasy filled storyline that continues to grow with the adventures, fantasies and the magical journey shared by the two characters which are Sophie and Agatha.

Just like in the first book The School for Good and Evil author has clearly described how the characters Agatha and Sophie are going to manage the world of fantasies where they are struggling to get their own fantasy written the way they want to but every time there is something unusual and thrilling that overturns everything and needs to be corrected.

In this book the girls will now have to confront the fact that they have to find a way where good and evil have to coexist harmoniously or otherwise all will be gone forever.

In the Endless woods the two girls with Tedros and other students a new Era has been started. And in this Era they will be facing the peak of their endless adventures in which courage, hope and power will be at its best to keep the good and evil going together.

Despite the fact that they thought they have got their best ever after now, but it turns out that there is still a lot to do for better future.The obstacles and dangers have become more suspicious and unpredictable but the courage will be the thing that will keep the students moving forward in this fantasy filled thrilling novel.

The future of the land is at stake and no one wants to lose and need to find a way out of such a dilemma so that they can coexist and may find peace at last. You will find Sophie trying to mold evil but the obstacles which are many may hinder her way to the success.


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    1. A very good Audio book. Very exciting and the Reader gives the listener the feeling aß if the listener is in the Story. If someone is angry the reader reads loud. If someone is happy, than the voice is soft. And there is for everyone a diffrent voice. And that eveb there is just one reader.


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