The School for Good and Evil

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The School for Good and Evil, Book 1

The author Soman Chainani and the narrator Polly Lee has given a massive start in this series by introducing some of the most interesting characters and the various impacts of the other events in the novel. This has laid a solid ground for the next books in the series since this is the book one, the next in series include books like The Quests for Glory and A Crystal of Time.

The series entails a perfect blend of all emotions, tension, adventure, fantasies and everything else that keep the listeners involved in the story from the start till the end.

The series of the book is written in a way and narrated in a beautiful way as well that no one could resist listening to the whole story and keep involved in the upcoming sequels.

This book that is titled as the school of good and evil, you will find the fairy dreams come true and now you can see students achieving their dreams come true with all the knowledge that are going to elanr here.

The story revolves around some of the best friends ina group where Agatha and Sophie will learn the ways that will change their life forever. Sophie is the name of a great student who always tops the results and learn as much as she can and is determined to live the life she wants for her like all the Disney characters and the beautiful princess in the world of imagination.

Whereas Agatha will be playing the black part with the cunning and witch like outfits she wear and represent the Evil part of the school with all her talents on the move.But in real, they both will be pushed to the opposite sides where sophie will face the evil and the Agatha will be pushed to live along princes and maidens with lots of etiquettes needed.

In this story they both will find out their true self and will surely find the different ways to explore what they never knew before.Throwing them into opposite sides of their actual temperament will uncover their inner self and will bring out their possible talents that have bene hidden so far.




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