The Stranger’s Wife

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    Anna-Lou Weatherley is the real deal when it comes to the creation of detective stories. The author is so skilled and talented that she creates stories out of thin air. Beth and Cath are the two women in the story who are really having a terrible time in their married life. Although they are living two different lives in terms of lifestyle both of them are leaving their husband because they are tired of their married life.

    Beth is a wealthy woman and she thinks that she has found the right partner this time so all she has to do is to leave her first husband and start a happy life with her daughter and her new soul mate.

    The Stranger's Wife

    On the other hand, Cath is the one who has been suffering a lot at the hands of her abusive husband and she thinks that she should leave him but her husband is not the type who will leave her that easily. Both women were thinking in their own way until they meet each other on a train. They find out that they have one thing in common and they would be needing each other’s help if they want to get on with their life as they want.

    James Lailey’s narration will make you remember the story of the couple in The Couple on Cedar Close but there was a dead body in that story and this is not the case here. Every book by the author such as The Night of the Party or this particular book has its own theme and setting which is not like any other book.

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