Titan’s Legacy


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    For most of the fans the previous part of the series was the concluding part but that is not true at all.  After listening to this one, fueled once again by R.C. Bray’s voice you will know that it was just the beginning of a new concept. At the end of the Titan’s Fury only one conflict that started in Titanborn came to its end.

    Here it is the launching of a new conflict but the faces like Malcolm Graves are still there on the screen. When the story starts we are told that Titan got the much needed independence ten years ago but the relation with earth are still the same. All of it means that a fight is expected all the time when forces from both side come face to face.

    Titan's Legacy

    Malcolm Graves has been with the Children of Titan for a decade now fulfilling his promise made to his daughter. The man has been given the duty to safeguard Alann so that one day the boy would be able to claim his throne. But there are evil forces that constantly lurk around trying to stop the boy to fulfill his true destiny.

    Malcolm shows desperate nature this time because he is not only saving his grandson but with him he is trying to save the whole of humanity. Old nemesis and new rivals make things difficult for Allan and his grandfather the ex-collector but Malcolm gives all his energy to this last mission that he is not allowed to lose. Rhett C. Bruno has made this last mission of a great man really fabulous in all standards.

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