Against the Tide of Years

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M. Stirling is back again with a bang and this time it is his novel full of creativity and literary skills, namely, Against the Tide of Years. It speaks volumes about the misery of people and how they are challenged against the natural disastrous, which are not only terrifying, but also leave people in complete disarray. The narration of the book is beautifully done by Todd McLaren and you will definitely fell in love with the voice of the narrator.

The novel talks about the all the years since the massive Event and then the Nantucket Republic with all their limited resources have done quite well in order to generate the best workable ideas that suits the modern or the contemporary age.

But, it was not all perfect for them. The evil of this time stuck again and this time in the shape of William Walker, who is a defector coast guard officer. He is all busy by himself to build a whole empire of its own, which is all based on the modern technology.

For this matter, Walker went to Greece and recruited a number of kinglets for his cause and then there were people of Nantucket who had absolutely no choice. They were thinking about beating Walker in his own war game.

M. Stirling is an author beyond boundaries. You will find him as a very accomplished writer and in order to conclude that, you must check out his other great pieces of writing. The two highly recommended books from the author are A Meeting at Corvallis and Dies the Fire.



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