Age of Legend

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It usually becomes tough for the writers to continue the series after completing the trilogy as most of the time the story loses its charm or sensation. but not this one, even in this fourth part Michael J. Sullivan keeps the emotions and the passions of the readers high which gives new heights to this series.

Another good thing about the series is that it goes on with the same narrator and the voice of Tim Gerard Reynolds has become a permanent ingredient of this wonderful recipe. it always provide an excellent result for the readers especially at the climax scenes where always a new thing emerges of which we never usually think of.

Thus the element of guessing, the thrill and the fighting scenes all blend well in the whole drama and make it a master piece. In this fourth part for the first time we find the human race getting the upper hand in the world. In which they were once considered as dependent souls that always waited for the decisions made by the gods.

The change in the rule was quite clear in Age of War as well that told us about the true nature of Fhrey as well and his view about the humans. This time the gods are shown desperate as they fight not for their thrones but this time for their survivals.

And the only way to survive is to break the stalemate and they are ready to do anything for that even if they have to go and look into the ancient myths that does not appear to be true in this world now.

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    Age of War

    Inherit the Bones


    5 thoughts on “Age of Legend”

    1. How about it Team Toky!!! There are actually TWO more books to this series:
      Book 5, Age of Death
      Book 6, Age of Empyre
      Last time I made a request you posted it in 48 hours…hehe, That is a tough record to beat, but YOU ARE TEAM TOKY!

    2. I have the same question as the two fellows above 😀
      When to expect the last two books of the Age of Legends series?

    3. Age of empyre is the last.
      Age of death is available on audiobooks for soul (no link, Google it. Harder to listen to but free


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