Age of the King


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    Philip C. Quaintrell adds another episode to The Echoes Saga and this one like other episodes is full of action and some curiosity for the listeners. The enemy has been defeated by the humans and though the humans never thought that they would be able to defeat the orcs but they have accomplished the impossible. Under the leadership of a new king, the humans think that now is the time to enjoy and relish because the enemies appear to be gone forever.

    This was just an assumption because the enemy is actually gone in the hiding and preparing for a big and final war. There are few among the humans who understand the gravity of the situation but no one is paying attention to their warnings. So these few heroes decide to go on a mission themselves without the aid of fellow humans. Still even these heroes are unaware of what is happening behind the veil of extreme darkness.

    Age of the King

    The road to their destiny is not clear, meanwhile the enemy completes its goal and is ready to pounce back on the human world. The ancient necromancer has accomplished his goal and he can even tame time if he has to in order to defeat the human forces the last time. Steven Brand is surely the voice of choice for the narration of such books. The books also has strong plot and characters like those which we observed in Last of the Dragorn and Rise of the Ranger. The struggle for dominance is superbly portrayed in this series and the power of the kings is depicted in a classic style in every part.

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