All My Witches: A Wicked Witches of the Midwest Fantasy, Book 5 Audiobook

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Amanda M. Lee’s fifth book in the series of “All my witches” is another attractive story for those who are already a fan of the witch world and has read the previous four volumes with interest. The narration of Lesley Ann Fogle is also up to the standard as much mastery was needed to describe the witch style and way of talking.

The story describes the sick mental condition of Aunt Tillie who in rage punishes her nieces because they made fun of him and the quality of the opera which she loves and is a source of amusement for her in her leisure time. She gives the biggest and the most severe punishment to her nieces and that is to entrap them in an opera which is solely created by the witch aunt herself and where everything happens according to her sick creative art which is nothing but pure evil with every kind of hideous element possible in the tale. She decorates her opera with dead heroes and sex-frenzied people who always haunt those who are made to remain in that world by Aunt Tillie.

The description of aunt’s sister who is eviler is also a point where we start thinking that we should prepare ourselves for a worse situation than this when we will come face to face with the twin of Aunt Tillie. Aunt Tillie in this realm controls everyone and makes them the thing he wants them to be instead of the thing they really are in personality and appearance. The midwest world is also quite clearly described as in the previous four volumes.

For those looking for more horror, more thrill and more exciting stories can opt to listen to the stories written by the author which are A Breath of Witchy Air, Covenant College and Witchin’ USA.


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