The Flames of Hope


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The book is the continuation of the 15th volume of the “Wings of Fire” series and is written by Tui T Sutherland and recounted by Shannon McManus.  This Escaping Peril and Darkness of Dragons are matchless writings of Tui T Sutherland.

In the last portion of the third circular segment of the ‘Wings of Fire series’ strains are higher than any time in recent memory as we get ready for a battle for the endurance of all dragonkind ‘Moon, Qibli, Pineapple, and Tsunami’ generally got captured very quickly so there goes the three returning mythical beast heroes. Then quickly thereafter how does the party respond? They decide on what to do.

Firstly, go to save the characters who are the pioneers other than ‘Sundew and Lynx’ or secondly Go forge ahead with the mission and trust that Wasp does not sort out some way to utilize MoonWatcher’s Future seeing or telepathy powers.

The Flames of Hope

Both Sundew and Lynx, apparently the main chiefs left among the gathering by saying ‘you all get to The landmass we will attempt to save them and meet you there in 2 days and that if we aren’t there by then go on without us.’

The character’s acting has generally been great for this book and this series back during a library summer perusing program a very long time prior and anyway circumstances are different thus has the writer. One of the characters who in past books were generally hurried to act and bounce into things paying little mind to results out of nowhere is shy and apprehensive in this book.


Dangerous Gift



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