Hardboiled Horror Audiobook


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The book possesses fifteen different stories related to the same theme but described a bit differently. The stories share all the basic elements of spy stories like horror, terror and a feeling of being watched all the time even when there is no one around us in the complete darkness of the night. The streets are always with a strange feeling at night as if they are keeping an eye on our affairs all the time and we cannot hide from them even in the dark of the night.

Hardboiled Horror Audiobook

The book along with the normal elements of the detective stories possesses supernatural elements or paranormal activities as well thatgive the stories a new direction as well. Jonathan Maberry, Heather Graham, Kevin J Anderson have written the stories while keeping in view the development of mystery in all the fifteen tales. The killers in the stories are not always humans as some are connected with the creatures in the dark or some paranormal forces.
The narrators Dan John Miller, Karin Allers have also done the splendid job by keeping the darkness and gloomy nature of the stories alive with the help of their voices. We cannot find even a single weakness in their narration throughout the stories. The role of private eyes is also highlighted in the stories as they are the one who knows everything about the cities and thus play a key role in your escape if you are in any sort of a trouble. The stories almost all of them are original tales but they are told with some changes in words and scenes in order to make them more appealing to the minds.
Books from the same author including Nights of the Living Dead, The Monster Hunter Files, and Dogs of War could be great to listen to if you loved this Hardboiled horror.


Hardboiled Horror Audiobook


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