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    Molly 3 is actually the third book in the Molly series written by Bellamy Grayfield and is beautifully narrated by WCSeew. The overall story and the events described in the story are great ones that will ignite your imagination, will keep you dragging till the end of the story that keeps the mystery on to make sure you would not be able to leave the story in the middle.

    Molly 3 AudiobookThe story is about Sarah and her kids Leif and Tommy. She is a working mother and wants to raise her kids like normal people with all the necessities and excitement the kids could have in their life. She struggles a lot and makes sure to take them on vacation in summer. A woman who lives with her and takes care of her kids is actually Molly who has changed her name and the man Sarah loves turns out to be Molly’s husband. This breaks Sarah and the situation gets worse when she is deprived of her kids and who taken away by Molly and now she is keeping them, raising them under a new name.
    All this situation leaves Sarah in a catatonic state where she helpless and is clueless about what has gone wrong with her life. But soon she gets a clue through a letter and she tries to convince the doctors she has recovered completely to make sure she will be out to look for her kids where Molly has kept them. She is going to start her journey with the help of Bradley who is an officer and may help her find Molly and her sons.
    You will feel the pain, the helplessness, and all the dilemma that is created in the story the way it has been described with all the emotions and drama created by the events. In case if you want to enjoy more you should listen to the first two books of the series so that you may understand the characters and the story in a better way including Finding Fear, Molly Series Books 1 and 2.


    Molly 3 Audiobook

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