Angels Fall

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Angel Fall is a classic novel written by Nora Roberts. The novel has an immensely great storyline with some magnificent characters to make it even more charming. The novel itself is a romantic one with a suspenseful story. The narration of this chapter is done by Joyce Bean, who managed to pull off a stunner with his stern voice quality and great expressions.

Reece Gilmore is the central character of this novel who has come a long way to witness a striking view right below her. As the only survivor of a horrible crime sometime back in the East, she has been on the run. She was desperately trying to cope with the panic attacks and nightmares, which were haunting her all the time. She settles down in a place in Wyoming, known as Angel’s Fist, but only temporarily and got a job for herself at a local restaurant.

She by now has hiked that mountain by herself. It was an awesome experience as she thinks. She sees through the lens of her binoculars at the churning Snake River below and then she sees a woman and a man on the opposite side of the river. They were arguing and fighting with each other. All of a sudden, she saw the man on top of the woman and his hands rolled around her throat.

While enjoying the very moment of solitude, a bit down the hilly terrain was Brody, a gruff loner. By the time Reece managed to reach him, the pair disappears all of a sudden.

Out of the many successful novels of Nora Roberts, the Dark Witch and Shadow Spell are highly rated and deserves a chance to be listened to in their audio book formats.





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