We Belong Together


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    Eleanor Sharpley wanted an escape from the life that was really crushing her from the inside as well as from the outside. She just wanted to run away from everything and at that point, she realized that she has a chance. Leaving London and going to her friend Charlie’s farmhouse was the plan which Eleanor had in mind. When she reached the farmhouse she met Charlie’s brother and was told that Charlie had gone somewhere else.

    The name of Charlie’s brother was Daniel and he was fighting a battle of his own for the last eight months. Daniel was in an extremely sad condition and he was taking care of his eight month old daughter too. Moreover, the farmhouse was in a bad condition and there was a dispute going on between the two families present in the area.

    We Belong Together

    Beth Moran throws Eleanor into another problem just when she was trying to run away from her own problem. This time she thinks that the right way is to solve the problem first. Starting something new with Daniel was with a better feeling because Eleanor wanted an escape and she started thinking that she can finally help someone.

    However, one thing which she wasn’t ready for was her own past catching up to her. Just the Way You Are and Let It Snow can be the next choice of the narrator after the current story. These books narrated by Marie Lawrence are not just loved stories rather they are books with a message for those who have a broken heart and they think that they can do nothing in life.

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