Arrows of the Queen

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Enchanted lands in most of the previous works of Mercedes Lackey have kept the audience engaged to the core. In Firebird and By the Sword the listeners in several portions were more interested in the detail about the surroundings rather than the progress of the story. And in all the stories the hero that emerges is an underdog who does not get appreciation by the society and then all of a sudden that whole society starts depending on him or her.

Here too a strong female character is in the making, Talia never knew that she had some extra talents. She thought that she was an ordinary good for nothing kind until see met Rolan who happens to be a horse in appearance but actually is something more. Rolan teaches Talia how to use her powers and he also informs her that soon she would be needed by the queen for a fight. The realm is under threat of war and the queen is surrounded by enemies from all side and in this situation only Heralds would be able to help her and her child whose life is in danger.

The queen’s enemies are not ordinary men they are the creatures with the powers far beyond imagination so Talia has to be skilled in all the arts of combat. Christa Lewis provides a clear and likable voice in narration; moreover no pauses occur though narrating the story was tough but was done in a professional way. There are also some treacherous turns in the story because of which skipping any chapter would not be a good idea for the fans.

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