By the Sword


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Series that was intended to be a trilogy comes one step further in action as we witness the next generation of the two sisters who were once bound by the blood oath. They really helped each other in the time of need and with the help of their magical swords they got rid of the evil that was once plundering the camps of the weak. Now another calamity has fallen and we see the new generation emerging which means that previous chapter is now close and Mercedes Lackey is introducing new characters after following the old theme.

Kerowyn happens to be the grandchild of Kethry which means that she belongs to the family of sorcerers. But magic under her arsenal has not been helping her over the years after the death of her mother. She left all the leisure the day her mother died and since then she has been taking care of the family. Now there is a ray of hope for her in the form of a new girl entering the family who could manage things in her absence.

By the Sword

But exactly like The Oathbound and Oathbreakers the moment she plans something positive or entertaining for herself tragedy rings her door bell. Someone because of the old enmity kills her father and gives her brother a severe beat down.

That is not the only thing, the girl on whom Kerowyn was depending on is also gone and is taken away by the enemy according to her brother. For Kerowyn time to use the family’s hidden powers has come and she is bound to show the world once again what the family is truly made of. Amy Landon has worked on aggression in narration because Kerowyn is never laughing because of the burden that rests on her shoulders she is intense in her attitude.


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