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Monsters were coming to the earth in the first part of the series but in a different way. No one is invading the earth but through humans, the disease is finally spreading. NISIOISIN introduces a hero this time and again he is a sore loser who has failed to pass through his high school for several years. But that is what the people of the town think about him from the inside the boy is the real hero who has been saving the town for several years. Because of these reasons Koyomi Araragi has not been able to get hold of his lessons.

The previous trilogy told about the boy as a human who just turned into the undead and later he not only saved himself but also the other people around. However, during all this, he hasn’t been able to concentrate on the studies. Now he has another case in hand which means that another year will pass by without the graduation but what Koyomi can do when the world is at stake. Only he can save the people of the world with his clever and determined intellect. Eric Kimerer, Cristina Vee, Keith Silverstein, and Erica Mendez again narrate this story crowded with children of the prep school.

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Providing each child a different style in the voice was a tough ask for the narrators but they have performed well i.e in nice coordination. BAKEMONOGATARI, Part 1, and KIZUMONOGATARI also had the same quality and class in narration. Such stories always need quality narration because the atmosphere is built by the narrators. A proper theme or message does not matter in a thriller like this only expression of voice is needed to convey the emotions at different levels. Member Benefit

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