Battle for the Abyss


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    Battle of the Abyss is book 8 of The Horus Heresy novel series. It is a product of Ben Counter, who has penned it with great love, passion and skills. The subject book and its series is a contemporary science fiction genre. Gareth Armstrong has given the narration of this novel, which was highly liked by all those, who have gone through the complete audio book or even through a part of it. This novel just sounds so good, pleasing and refreshing.

    The most important news related to treachery of Horus is out in the open and publicized to all. The crucial time of testing has come for all. Some of the Legions already have their adherence to the Warmaster, while on the other side, the loyalty of all other lies were stuck firmly with the Emperor only. Just by the time, when Horus deployed all his armed forces, the loyal Astartes finds out that an enormous Wordbearers fleet is coming fast towards Ultramar, which is the home place of the Ultramarines.

    Battle for the Abyss

    Unless, it is a possibility for them to intercept the fleet and go on to destroy all the enormous battleship, which has been deployed there in order to reinforce it, the Ultramarines does have a chance to suffer probably a blow from which, it might be absolutely impossible for them to recover to an acceptable state.

    Bloodquest: Prisoners of the Eye of Terror and Galaxy in Flames are other novels, which are written by Ben Counter. Both these recommended novels are highly read by the science fiction novel lovers and it will definitely give you a great time, while listening to its narration.


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