Legion-The Horus Heresy


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Legion is a super exciting novel, which is artistically written by the novelist, Dan Abnett. As per the many reviews of this novel, the novel promises to bring phenomenal experience for the audio book lovers. It is a contemporary science fiction novel. The book is part 7 of The Hours Heresy novel series, where one after the other, the audience gets to witness some amazing novels. David Timson has done the narration of this novel, and it turned out to be a super exciting experience, especially with the kind of expression, the narrator has performed.

Legion-The Horus Heresy


The time is coming close for a great war and the war looks like to be engulfing the Imperium of Man. The Alpha legion’s Space Marines, which were the last and also the most secretive of the Astartes brotherhoods, reaches on a heathen world in order to help the Imperial armed forces.

This support was extended in the capacity of a pacification campaign, which is set against the uncanny and strange forces. But, what is that, which is driving the Alpha Legion? Is it possible for them to earn trust and which of the side, they will be choosing, when the time comes for the Great War to begin? Loyalties comes to a great test of time then and the cunning and sharp ideas of the alien intelligence got revealed. After this, the fate of the mankind was at in no place, but just hanging in balance.

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