Rakes and Roses


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    Harry Stillman happens to be a perfect lord who likes to be among his friends all the time and prefers his habits and leisurely life more than anything else. Gambling, horse racing and the company of the beautiful women of the town seem to be fun for Harry and he wants to be in this trance all his life. In such a mind-set, the rich lord was never expecting to find true love for himself and perhaps he didn’t need any of that fairy tale love.

    Soon Harry starts becoming bankrupt and within days in finds himself in great debt which means that he would soon lose all his wealthy appearance if things go on in that way. He goes to his uncle Elliott who says that he will clear off the debts only if Harry marry according to his uncle’s advice.

    Harry gets quite angry at first but later he realizes that he is left with no other way at all. Lady Sabrina is the one whom Elliott selects for his nephew and this alarms Harry even further. The lady cheated her previous husband and this means that she can do it again. However when Harry and Sabrina meet, they feel that they have quite a lot in common.

    Rakes and Roses

    Josi S. Kilpack has done it again by writing a story equal in magnitude as compared to Promises and Primroses and Daisies and Devotion. Justine Eyre has not found any difficulty in narrating the male and female characters of the series throughout. The narrator has lived up to the true meaning of quality in this series and there is no weak link anywhere.

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