Beneath the Shadows

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Beneath the Shadows is a beautiful psychological thriller written by Sara Foster. It is highly engaging and a dark compelling novel. Lorna Bennett is behind the successful and the most powerful narration of this almost 10 hour long novel.

When Adam, husband of Grace inherits a cottage in the isolated area of North Yorkshire, they left behind the bustle of the city of London in order to try a new and peaceful life for themselves. Just a week later, things changes and Adam goes missing without a trace, while leaving Millie, their beloved daughter right on the doorstep in her stroller. The year after, Grace returns back to this Yorkshire village on the untamed moorland. Everyone including her parents, best friend and even the police was convinced that actually Adam has intentionally left her. But Grace on the other end was unable to let go the sweet and loving memories of her husband and was not willing to take this explanation. She was desperately looking for answers. But, the deeply superstitious and highly slumbering hamlet is totally not willing to give up any of its secrets.

Just as one day, Grace started search through the forgotten sides and corners of their cottage in order to find any clues, some very weird dreams started to haunt her. She started to believe that the villagers are hiding something from her or maybe she was getting excessively paranoid.

The author Sara Foster is good when it comes to writing the best psychological mystery thrillers. If you are determined to read more from the author then the best books are Come Back to Me and All That is Lost Between Us.

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