Black Betty

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Black Betty novel is a marvelous writing attempt by the novelist, Walter Mosley. It is a fictional novel with a mystery to mesmerize your mind. It is sensational in every possible way or what you can expect from a top level fictional mystery thriller. The book is part 4 of the popular Easy Rawlins mystery novel series by the author. Michael Boatman, once again had the honors of doing the narration of this catchy novel.

When you are learning about the life and story of Easy Rawlins, mystery always has its part to play. This time it is in the year 1961 and in the Los Angeles area. He actually moved to the West L.A. part from Watts. He also had his 2 adopted kids with him

Easy Rawlins willingly accepted a challenging job to track down a beautiful girl, who had a nickname, Black Betty. She used to work in Beverly Hills as a housekeeper and she went missing from the place under very suspicious circumstances. Easy Rawlins with all his past experience as an investigator took on this daunting task to find Black Betty. But, the task was even more difficult than he could ever imagine.

In order to track her and find the truth, he had to first find her gambler brother. Next, he had to question his Beverly Hills employer, which he did.

Down the River unto the Sea and Devil in a Blue Dress are other amazing and highly recommended novels by Walter Mosley. Both the novels are capable enough to completely grasp your attention and make you literally believe the fictional crime mystery stories, if they are actually real.






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