Blaze: A Novel Audiobook

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Blaze: A Novel

This outstanding novel is penned by the master duo authors Stephen King and Richard Bachman. This is a classy diverting crime novel which influences ranging from James M. Cain to John Steinbeck. Blaze was originally written by Richard Bachman in the year 1973 using his Olivetti typewriter. The typewriter by the author was later given to Stephen King who used it to write his own story of ‘Carrie’. In 1985, Richard Bachman died of cancer and then in 2000, King came across the Blaze’s original script and made up his mind that the book could be published with a little bit of revision.

The story revolves around the character of Clayton Blaisdell, Jr. and the series of crimes committed by him, also including the kidnapping of a baby heir, whose worth was in millions. Blaze was unfortunate as a child who was thrown down the stairs by his father and the act was later on repeated again in his life. This led him to spend his childhood in an institution for boys which he escaped early due to the abuse he used to face there. The crossroad of life brought him against a seasoned criminal, George, who was inspired by Blaze for his wickedness. But, soon, George got killed and Blaze once again was on his own.

The story is narrated by Ron McLarthy who seems to have a good understanding of portraying the characters of Blaze. Other good books by the authors that you must check out are Joyland, The Regulators and The Running Man.


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    1. Stephen King IS Richard Bachman it was his pen name so Richard Bachman didn’t die of cancer as he wasn’t a real person lol
      Anyway, the story was great and I’m glad King decided to release it after it being left to rot for 30 years!


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