Bleak Harbor


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    Family secrets should always be left buried as they can bring havoc for the whole family. No doubt there is always a skeleton in the closet but it does not cause any harm as long as the closet is left closed or tightly locked. Bleak Harbor is a place of enjoyment when Bryan Gruley describes it at the start, it’s a place where people forget about their worries and have a time for them. All the credit goes to a single family that first landed on this piece of land and then made it a place worth to visit.

    Now after all these years as many generations have passed the family at once faces a catastrophe that they never expected. The youngest family member has gone missing all of a sudden with a no trace at all. The youngest son also proved to be the most innocent one with no connections of any sort with the underworld. Another terrifying news rocks the hearts of the family when the start receiving the pictures of the abducted member in a bad state.

    Bleak Harbor

    The boy is shown tied to a chair and in a terrible state overall; no one knows who the kidnapper is and what does he wants. The kidnapper also starts telling things to the family that does not sound appropriate as those were the secrets that never got out of the family for ages. It’s all about revenge and crime throughout.

    Starvation Lake and The Hanging Tree can also be read along with this novel as the theme is approximately the same. Scott Merriman’s narration does not prove to be over enthusiastic but the voice is crystal clear and that surely is the key of a good narration.



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