Christmas Present

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Every now and then between the original saga the author adds some little short stories which provide a sort of breather or Jodi wants to shift the story to some other path. Zara Ramm does change the tone quite much for these special episodes which is a good thinking. People like changes in the story but not in the voice quality because change in narration most of the times give a headache.

Peace time at St Mary’s something we were searching for in Roman Holiday and A Trail Through Time and now the team can feast. Sadly the team is not in a habit of feasting in the leisure time. They are curious about history all the time and want to explore more and sometime they get something more than they can actually chew.

This is not the task that was assigned to Max, Peterson and Markham. All three of them had some doubts about a part of history during which Bashford and Grey went missing. It was also a Christmas night like the one they were enjoying currently the only issue is that it was the twelfth century.

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The charts are laid and thus the plans are made, the three want to travel without a trace this time but it will make them lose their own selves if they fail. It is a nice little episode and the people all around the globe think that these episodes are intentional. They are not just the outburst of imaginations by the author; the author would sooner or later mix these little incidents in history in the main plot. One thing is for sure it’s going to be huge in the parts to come. Member Benefit

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