Circus of the Damned

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The third part of the series adds more trouble in Anita Blake’s life; she confronts two troubles at the same time. One is the usual vampire and the undead situation which she has to deal with now and then. The second trouble that rocks her life and heart is Richard Zeeman, an average teacher never attracted Anita before but there was something in him that attracted her. Jean does not want to lose his grip on Anita; he has been holding her since Guilty Pleasures and The Laughing Corpse.

All this time she has served Jean loyally, it was her who helped Jean become the master Vampire in the first part. Freedom is what she requires now to be with the human that she loves from the bottom of her heart. Enemies from all sides close down on the young vampire hunter and she is looking to settle things for good this time. With love in her life, Anita has become more careful than ever, she is aware that the enemy will come for Richard so that they can control Anita through him.

A really tense story has been created by Laurell K. Hamilton in the trilogy. In the story, every step is a trap laid down carefully by the enemy and it is a war of supremacy between the two sides in which Anita plays the role of the pawn. The vampire hunter i.e Anita is not tired, all she wants is some settlement in her private life which does not look possible in the presence of the blood-sucking demons. Kimberly Alexis’ passionate voice describes the love scenes better than anything else in the novel.


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