Clockwork Lives

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Clockwork and the Watchmaker got an introduction in the first part in which several truths about the land were revealed. Kevin J. Anderson and Neil Peart left no stone unturned in the description of the strange town known as Albion. The watchmaker was seen in Clockwork Angels trying to keep perfection in all the works of the town. Like always there also exists an opposite force against the Watchmaker that wants to bring down all the unity in the procedure of different things.

Between this battle and serious circumstances, Owen emerged at first and this time there is a girl with a strange task. Marinda Peake knew that her father was an alchemist but she never had an idea that her father was capable of so much more. The man before dying handed his daughter a strange book which he called his best creation ever.

When the daughter opened the book it was just full of blank sheets as nothing was written on it. She was told by her father that it was up to her to fill the pages of the book with real-life stories that she had to gather after roaming the land. During this journey, she will get a chance to write her destiny along with the collection of true tales.

Marinda thought her days of adventure were over but after the death of her father it all starts up for her again. The first part never had such a long list of narrators in it, here Morgan Hallet, Richard Poe, Tandy Cronyn, Barbara Rosenblat, and George Guidall have given a team like performance in narration.

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