Tell No One


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Tell No One novel tells a great suspenseful story with the best possible characterization and creation of magical thrilling situations just out of nowhere. The author, Harlan Coben knows the art of what the book lovers want and how to portray characters in the most thrilling situations. As expected, this novel. Tell No One is a mystery thriller. The narration of this novel are done effortlessly by Ed Sala in his great expressive tone.

The novel is irresistibly thrilling and suspenseful and packed with some nail biting action and mesmerizing plot twists. It is almost 8 years since the brutal killing of the wife of Dr. David Beck. Her wife’s name was Elizabeth. Beck got completely shattered and broke down to tears when he received a message with the bold text, which Elizabeth only could know. He thought that either his beloved wife is still alive or someone is just trying to play this horrible joke on him. He was warned not to tell this to anyone. Just as his urge and desperation to find the truth behind the secret intensifies, he moved straight towards the secret. The real action is about to begin here.

Tell No One

Coben is brilliant and he temper this classical suspenseful drama with some sly humor as well. The cast of this novel is incredible, especially the assassin with bare-hands. Then there is also a high glamorous and stylish model and a drug dealer to watch out for.

Run Away and Missing You are recommended novels by the mystery writer, Harlan Coben. All of these novels all individual and have their own unique story. You will love them for the immaculate suspense, thrill and mysterious situations.


Missing You

Deal Breaker


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