Robot Dust Bunnies


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    Rade fulfills his job and keeps his promises and that’s why he never needed an ally in any of the missions, the team is ample for him all the time. Now going to the lava world without any guide is impossible for them, they have never gone to that part of the galaxy and also the enemy is a clever fellow. The alien that has gone rogue selected the lava world for a special reason and no one knows what. The base is established at a point which does not possess a suitable temperature for the survival of human beings.

    The temperature is twice in intensity as compared to the boiling point of water on earth. No one can survive without a special suit but in that special suit one cannot walk freely in the silicate rain. Temperature is not the biggest threat that the humanity faces in this part, the people who were previously stationed on the base were totally changed in their appearance and their minds was also not working in a humanly pattern.

    Robot Dust Bunnies

    Isaac Hooke describes the mercury with the words that make the planet appear in front of our eyes in its true grandeur. Not in the books Quantum Predation  and Alien Empress there was a mentioning of planet with so severe climatic condition.

    Previously the author has not laid focus on the extremities of weather even when the team was in the titan suits. A few pauses made by Luke Daniels could not be considered as a weakness because he is the one of the most experienced one in narrating space travels. The pauses are little breaks to regroup for the next chapter that’s all.

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